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Grammy Szn

Grammy Szn



Grammy Szn




Grammy Szn is an RIAA Certified Gold producer that was born & raised in Indianapolis, IN. He began making music during 7th grade. During high school he moved to San Diego, CA. After a stellar high school career as an athlete he chose to begin professionally pursuing his passion in the music industry which was deeply rooted in his father’s love for music. Grammy Szn transitioned into a highly competent, self-taught producer. Grammy was provided an opportunity to engineer a project that required long hours in the studio that eventually spanned for 6 months. During this time he began perfecting his craft and unique sound that would land him a major placement with Def Jam in 2018. Grammy’s persistence in having his music heard led to a major label A&R selecting his production to be placed on Def Jam artist Danileigh’s breakout single “Lil Bebe” that would eventually feature the popular rapper Lil Baby on the remix as well as, Nio Garcia & Rauw Alejandro on “Bebecito (Latin Remix)”. To date the record is RIAA Certified Gold, has 100M+ global streams, charted with Billboard, has regular radio rotation, a popular video, and current requests for licensing & synchronization.

Grammy has been able to capture an esoteric and ethereal sound in music by popularizing it for the masses using a mesmerizing musical collage of futuristic, melodic sound bites that formulate a new age approach to Hip Hop, Club, Soul, and R&B.


  • Danileigh “Lil Bebe” (RIAA Certified Gold)
  • Dreebo “On God”
  • Y2 “More Truth, Less Friends”
  • Ness Heads “Fall”


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