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Sincerely VO

Sincerely VO



Sincerely VO



Originally from Cincinnati, OH he began his pursuit of a career in the music industry in 2015. VO has always had “a thing” for music, but never imagined he would be where he is today. He got his official start when he recorded his first nine songs and released them as an EP titled “The LEAK”. Within ten months he was sitting in RCA Records in Manhattan. From that moment on, he knew he had what it took to make it as an artist/songwriter. In February 2018 he decided to take his talents to the Dirty South and moved to Atlanta, GA. Since then he’s been focusing on his craft, learning the business and networking heavily. So far, he has written for other independent artists and has worked w/ Grammy Award Nominated/Winning producers and developed genuine relationships with major music professionals.

Music is VO’s therapy. He doesn’t really identify as a “rapper” or “singer”. When asked he tells people he is a songwriter or an artist instead. Why? Because he doesn’t like to be boxed in when it comes to music genres or writing styles. He can write anything when the vibe is right. He wants other independent artists to hear his story and know that it’s possible, not only to
make it, but to be the BEST!

VO’s message to the world is simple. Don’t be afraid to go through your process, embrace the struggle, and KEEP WORKING! Be intentional in all that you do and trust the potential that was
planted inside of you. It’s up to you to define what that reason is.


  • FBiko “Surfin'”
  • Sincerely VO “Ms. Officer”
  • “Vibin'”
  • “XO”
  • “No Time”
  • “Hercules”
  • “Double Greatest”
  • “Important”
  • “Yes I Do”



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