Music Publishing is the act of promoting, protecting, and accounting for compositions. A music
publisher is responsible for ensuring songwriters and composers receive payment when their
compositions are used commercially. Music publishers perform global collections of publishing
royalties based upon money generated from streams, downloads, mechanical
licensing, synchronization, and sale of recorded music.

Co-Publishing involves giving up 50% of your publishing in exchange for an advance, pending uncollected pipeline money being available, and the ability of your publisher to exploit your recordings for sync/licensing and shopping for placements with other artists and record labels.
Administration is strictly the global collection of publishing royalties while maintaining 100% of your copyright for a nominal percentage (typically 15%-25%). NuWay is in a position to do both and do them in a superb manner with accurate accounting.

A catalog of published musical recordings, in it’s entirety, that includes the following information:
Name of Performer, Title of Record, Date of Release, Split%, and PRO Work ID#.

Please only send downloadable links or 1 email attachment with 5 or less mp3s to Every song should be labeled with artist/writer,song, title, brief description, and date. Please send only your TOP songs/tracks.

NuWay is always on the lookout for quality music from driven creatives that are on the cutting
edge of sound in any genre.

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